Childbirth Education

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first baby or if you already have experienced the birth of another child, the labor and birth process can be both a joyful time and an overwhelming time. At Spencer Hospital’s Birth Center, we want to help alleviate any fears and answer questions you may have about the upcoming birth of your baby.

Typically, we offer a 2 ½ hour childbirth education class. However, for your safety and for others, we are limiting visitors to Spencer Hospital, yet want to make sure you have the resources you need and all your questions answered. So, even though we are not offering you our normal face-to-face classes, we can sign you up to receive all the information that we’d cover in class. Please complete the registration form and in the “Comments” box, please include your due date and your mailing address, along with any questions. We’ll mail you an envelope with some information that will include a code and a link to where you can find this education.

Also,  we’d love to get to know you and personally answer your questions. We would be happy to set up a virtual appointment to discuss what you can expect regarding your birth experience and respond to your questions. Through the use of video-calling, we can also provide you a tour of your room.  

Through the educational resources we’ll share with you, the information will help you reach the following goals:

  • Gain awareness in your body’s ability to give birth
  • Ask questions so we can remove any myths that you might have about giving birth
  • Learn about the birthing process
  • Acquire information regarding pain management options which include: massage, relaxation, breathing techniques, hydrotherapy and medications
  • And more!

We hope to hear from you soon!

Payment Note:
Only expectant moms need to register. You do not need to register your companion - thank you!



6:30pm - 9:00pm

Maple Conference Room
1200 First Avenue East
Spencer, IA 51301

Bryn Goettsch or Jeannette Hasley (,

Spots are still available

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