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Obstetrical Services
Welcoming Baby
Welcoming a new baby into the world is one of life's greatest joys. The Spencer Hospital professionals strive to make this memorable experience as comfortable and joyful as possible for mom, baby and the entire family.

Our spacious, private birthing suites combine home comforts with modern medical technology. Moms experience labor, delivery and after-care stay all in the same comfortable room. During labor and delivery, you can determine with your physician if you need and want pain control assistance. Numerous pain control techniques are available to you, including epidural anesthesia.

Best Care for Better Babies
Babies may not come with an instruction sheet, but babies born at Spencer Hospital to come with the availability of a home care pediatrics nurse. Our Best Care program helps Mom with her health, feeding and care concerns regarding her new baby.

Pregnancy and Parenting Classes

Expectant moms (and dads) will feel more prepared to welcome their new baby when they know what to expect. Our Childbirth Education Series provides information for expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy.


Whether you are already a mother or will soon become one, our classes help ease the worries a new life brings. Below you will find links to the upcoming classes offered at Spencer Hospital:


Special Delivery: Childbirth/Parenting 


I was Here First: Big Brother/Sister 

Parenting-Pro: A Refresher


If you are unable to fit our program dates into your schedule, simply give us a call and we can provide private sessions with you.

Women’s Health Services
Phone: (712) 264-6649 


Breast-Feeding Support Group
We offer a weekly Breast-Feeding Support Group to provide support and encouragemet to breastfeeding moms. Call our OB Department, 264-6314, for more information.

Breastfeeding Educators
We have two breastfeeding educators on staff. Please call (712) 264-6314 for individual consultation with one of them.

High-Risk Obstetrics & Perinatal Consultations
Avera Health-Spencer Family Care offers consultations for their high-risk expectant moms with a perinatologist of Avera Health in Sioux Falls. Patients may see the physician via telemedicine in Spencer or schedule appointments in Sioux Falls for further evaluation.

Infertility Consultation & Treatments
If a couple is experiencing challenges with starting a family, our local physicians can perform some initial procedures. Also, OB/Gyn Specialist Dr. Brian Wilson of Northwest Iowa Surgeons in Spencer and Dr. Jane Gaetz of Avera Health in Sioux Falls are able to perform surgical procedures to optimize outcomes.


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