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    Rehabilitation Services
    Physical/Occupational Therapy
    • Post operative physical therapy (PT) and Occupational therapy (OT) following orthopedic surgeries.
    • Referral to PT for evaluation of muscular or joint pain (i.e. pelvic pain, low back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain). Specialized exercise routine with therapists to strengthen muscles, to reduce pain and get the patient back to regular activities.
    • Lymphedema treatment related to post-mastectomy or other medical trauma includes therapeutic massage and extremity wraps to help reduce swelling.

    Continence and Biofeedback Therapy
    Of the 19 million North Americans who suffer from urinary incontinence, 80% of them are women. There is no need for embarassment! It is important to understand incontinence is not an inevitable part of aging, nor is it necessary to accept long-term incontinence after child-birth. In many cases it can be cured; and it can always be managed. Our physical therapy therapists are available to help recognize challenges with different kinds of urinary incontinence. They can create an exercise and therapy regimen to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. We can help women of all ages / needs by using biofeedback therapy.

    Cardio Rehab / Pulmonary Rehab

    • Post cardiac-event exercise
    • Smoking cessation
    • Diabetic training
    • Sleep studies

























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