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    Emergency Department

    Whenever emergency care is needed, our Emergency Department staff is ready to provide care. An Emergency physician is available within the hospital every minute of the day, working with a team of highly skilled nurses and paramedics.

    Spencer Hospital's Paramedic Ambulance Team is certified as a Critical Care Service, providing specially trained staff to assist patients in critical condition.

    The best way to access our Emergency Department, is to go directly to the Emergency entrance located on the northeast side of the hospital. In case of an emergency, please call 911.



    The Emergency Medical Services Department at Spencer Hospital is a hospital based ambulance service providing 911 coverage for all of Clay County and surrounding areas with the assistance of seven fire departments and first responders located throughout the county.  Our service area covers approximately 500 square miles. 


    As a rural Iowa provider, we have modified our services over the years to provide levels of treatment not normally found in EMS Systems.  We are one of the only services in NW Iowa certified to provide Critical Care Transports of both Cardiac and Trauma Patients. We successfully established a Prehospital 12-lead ECG program with a STEMI (heart Attack) alert. We require our medics to be trained in Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, as well as Prehospital Trauma Life Support, Hazmat and Triage.  We have built our system into a progressive system that provides quality health care to the community.  Spencer Hospital Emergency Medical Services was honored in 2003 as the Iowa EMS Association’s Paramedic Ambulance Service of the Year for its dedication to providing quality care as well as promoting safety and wellness to the area.

    What We Do
    Our primary role in Clay County is 911 coverage.  Emergency responses comprise over 50% of our call volume while Interfacility transfers constitute approximately 45% of our volume.  We are authorized to provide service at the Iowa Paramedic Specialist level as well as provide Specialty Care during interfacility transfers at the Critical Care Transport level.  Annually, we respond to approximately 1400 requests for medical transport.

    We have 19 EMS providers on staff and maintain a fleet of three ambulances at Spencer Hospital. You will find our Medics working side by side with the Emergency Department Nurses and Physicians in the Emergency Department when not responding to requests for transport.  In addition to our ambulances, we also maintain an Emergency Response Disaster Trailer.