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Planet Heart

A Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Clinic

Planet Heart offers a full spectrum of services targeting cardiovascular disease prevention, providing both the Heart Check and Vascular screenings to evaluate potential vascular health concerns.

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  • Calcium Score CT – crucial to early detection of heart disease (Cardiac CT is interpreted by a Radiologist and results are sent to ordering provider.)
  • Blood pressure
  • BMI (body mass index)
  • Cholesterol and blood sugar check
  • Education and risk assessment with an expert cardiovascular nurse
  • Diet quality index
  • Limited tobacco cessation and nutrition counseling – as needed
  • Athletic Enhancement Day Pass

Call Spencer Hospital at (712) 264-8300 ext. 6500 to schedule your Heart Check appointment.



Planet Heart also offers a Vascular Screening which provides ultrasound screening exams of three areas of the vasculary system that often pose risk for a stroke: The carotid arteries, peripheral arteries, and also abdominal aortic aneurysms.


Symptoms of vascular disease may include leg pain, numbness or weakness in the legs and feat, or you simply may have no symptoms at all. Yet, through a Vascular Screening you can learn if hidden dangers lurk in your vascular system and take steps to improve your health.


Call Spencer Hospital at (712) 264-8300 ext. 6500 to schedule your Vascular Screening appointment.


What is Planet Heart?

Planet Heart is a cardiovascular risk identification and reduction program operated by Spencer Hospital. A Heart Check is a screening to determine risk for heart disease while a Vascular Screening is a screening of the vascular system to assess risk for a stroke.

What is the cost of a Planet Heart screening?

Each Planet Heart screening costs $50. This is a cash only program; insurance claims are not filed on behalf of participants.

What occurs if participants have abnormal results?

Depending on the nature of the abnormal exam, participants are given a “script to Health”. This script includes the following options:

  • See Your primary care physician - share the results for further follow up
  • Tobacco Cessation Referral
  • Registered Dietitian Referral
  • Make an appointment with a cardiologist

Generally speaking, we encourage all patients to review their results with their primary care physician. Patients with calcium scores greater than 100 are typically encouraged to consult a cardiologist. Referrals to any of the above are left entirely up to the patient. Planet Heart does not make referrals and/or appointments on the patient’s behalf.

Is a physician referral necessary for a Planet Heart screening?

A physician referral is not necessary for a Planet Heart screening. Participants may refer themselves to the program by scheduling an appointment by calling Spencer Hospital at (712) 264-8300 ext. 6500.

Calcium score CT performed by Spencer Hospital    Education and risk assessment with Spencer Hospital nurse
Calcium score CT performed by Spencer Hospital    Education and risk assessment with a Spencer Hospital nurse.

Meeting with Nutrition and Wellness Coach 
Meeting with Nutrition and Registered Dietitian.