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Tami's Story

Podiatric surgery at Spencer Hospital allows her to put her best foot forward.



“On the run” sums up Tami Kroll’s life on most days.


She has three young children who are active in numerous extracurricular events which keeps her running. Her job, regional manager for Avon Products covering a 21-county area, keeps her on the road and on the run. And, one of her favorite fitness activities just happens to be pounding the pavement in her jogging shoes.


All that running, plus frequently wearing shoes fit more for fashion than practicality and, most likely, hereditary factors resulted in Tami being one of thousands each year who find it beneficial to resolve foot health issues through podiatric surgery.


“I was having such nerve pains in the front ball of my foot and it was progressively getting worse,” Tami said, admitting that she knew that relief would be available through surgery once she succumbed to the idea. 


“I had the other foot operated on seven years ago and was a little hesitant to do it again, as I was anticipating another long healing process,” she explained. “However, I’ve been simply amazed at how quickly you heal. Since I had surgery on my second foot in December, I’ve been telling people who have just had one foot done and don’t want to do it again to think about how much the medical field keeps on changing. The procedure is much different than it was seven years ago and even the anesthesia provided during surgery is different too.”


Tami had her surgery in late December at Spencer Hospital’s Surgery Center, performed by podiatrist Dr. Tim Blankers of Northwest Iowa Bone, Joint & Sports Surgeons P.C.  “He is very thorough,” Tami said of Dr. Blankers. “I already was seeing him routinely prior to surgery for foot maintenance and through manipulation he would make my foot feel 100% better. But it was only a temporary solution. Surgery was needed for long-term results.


“It was a same-day procedure during which time I was lightly sedated and the anesthetist did a nerve block in my knee so I felt nothing from my knee down and had no pain for two days afterwards,” Tami reminisced. “I didn’t have to have a cast, instead I wore a surgical shoe and had crutches for about two weeks, then a walking boot for four to five weeks. Again, I’m still amazed at how quickly you heal.”

Tami didn’t have to take time off work and feels fortunate that we’ve had a mild winter so she didn’t have to worry about navigating much snow or ice. Though please with her progress, Tami is impatient to start excercing again.


“I’ve been able to use a recumbent bike and just started on an elliptical, but Dr. Blankers wants me to wait 12 weeks post-surgery before attempting to jog again,” Tami said. “It’s still a little tender, but feeling better every day. I am looking forward to exercising again, something which was getting hard to do with my foot pain.”


She concluded: “I can’t stress enough how important it is not to put off getting foot surgery done. Why not do it now when you’re younger and have the ability to heal faster?”