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Janet's Story
Cataract surgery clears a way back to once lost hobbies.



Janet Myers is back to doing what she loves. She’s busy at her sewing machine, creating quilt tops for Lutheran World Relief which she knows will be sent to someone somewhere in the world who needs a warm blanket made with love and concern.


Before October, Janet’s mission quilting had practically come to a halt as the cataract in her left eye made it very difficult for her to thread the needle of her sewing machine.


“I had been putting off surgery for a long, long time,” Janet shared. “I didn’t want anyone messing with my eyes.”


She continued, “I remember reading once that in medical institutions, they will smear Vaseline on plain vision glasses to give people an idea of what it’s like to see with a cataract. I was getting to the point the ‘Vaseline’ was too much.”


Janet saw Dr. Steve Fox of Wolfe Eye Clinic in Spencer who performed her surgery at Spencer Hospital’s Surgery Center.  Janet’s surgery, which was in October, was performed on an outpatient basis. She admits she was nervous, but she felt reassured by Dr. Fox’s thorough explanation and comforting demeanor.


“I am so thankful I could stay right here in Spencer,” she said. “I felt comfortable because I knew the hospital. Everyone was so friendly and kind.”


Janet is thrilled with the results. “I did the right thing,” she said emphatically. “I was just amazed how much better I could see. I am very happy and very excited. This is such a blessing to me.”


Janet described that everything now appears so distinct and vibrant, such as the leaves on the trees, and cracks in the sidewalk. Yet, best of all, threading her sewing machine needle is back to being easy.


“In a couple of years I will likely need to have my other eye done, but I’m no longer afraid,” Janet says. “I’m very, very happy with the results.”