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    Cardiac Rehabilitation
    Cardiac Rehab services are designed to help patients with heart disease recover quickly and return to full productive lives. Cardiac Rehab includes exercise, education, counseling and tips on lifestyle changes.



    Phase I of Cardiac Rehab begins in the hospital after a heart attack or other heart treatment.


    Phase II is an outpatient program conducted at Spencer Hospital each Monday through Friday. Patients are carefully monitored during an exercise period. They also receive education and encouragement to control their risk factors.

    Phase III is a maintenance program. Skills of heart-healthy living are encouraged and medically supervised exercise is provided.

    A doctor's approval is required to get started in Cardiac Rehab.


    For more information on these services, call (712) 264-8300 Ext. 6178.

    Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation Brochure


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    Our professionals provide services to our inpatients, to people needing care on an outpatient basis and also to patients in long-term care facilities.