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    Speech Therapy Services

    Speech Language Pathology Services are available for children and adults. Referral patients are evaluated at an initial visit and individualized treatment needs are determined. Treatment is available for the following speech/language deficits:

    • Language deficits created by developmental delays, head injury, neurological disorders or stroke.
    • Motor speech deficits caused by stroke, brain injury, or neurological disorders. The resulting lack of strength, coordination or control of the speech mechanism causes diminished speech clarity.
    • Cognitive deficits caused by head injury, neurological disorders or stroke. Cognition is the ability to remember, think clearly, pay attention and solve problems.
    • Fluency which often is associated with a fluency disorder called stuttering.
    • Articulation disorders which is a deficit in the ability to correctly articulate a sound or several sounds.
    • Voice deficits that result from the incorrect use of pitch, volume, or rate of speech.
    • Dysphagia, a swallowing disorder which can be caused by stroke, brain injury, neurological disease or surgery of the mouth/throat.

    For more information of other rehabilitative services offered at Spencer Hospital, please visit the pages below:

    Our professionals provide services to our inpatients, to people needing care on an outpatient basis and also to patients in long-term care facilities.


    For more information, call Rehab Services Department at (712) 264-6189.