A Partnership for a Healthy Workplace

Investing in a healthy workforce is good business. Such an investment can lower medical costs, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and decrease disability costs. Plus, feeling healthier leads to greater satisfaction for those on your work team.

Many companies invest in workplace wellness; however, not all companies see results. At Spencer Hospital our LiveWell workplace wellness solutions have demonstrated success for our own employee base of 500-plus members and for several other local companies by focusing on two areas: 1) wellness screenings and health management, and 2) ergonomic and injury prevention and management. 

Cost-Effective Screenings & Wellness Programming

Successful businesses know their performance statistics. When you have data, you can determine where your company is succeeding and where you need to focus for performance improvement. Similarly, individuals have better success in changing their health when they have the data to inform them of where potential hazards exist.

The first step towards a person’s good health is screening. Spencer Hospital’s LiveWell Health Screenings focus on risk factors which contribute to Metabolic Syndrome. Marked by increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol and triglycerides, Metabolic Syndrome increases the risk of significant health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. By knowing the numbers associated with these risk factors, individuals can begin to focus on ways to improve their health.

At Generations, we are committed to providing wellness opportunities to our team. We’re also a business that likes results. Screening to determine baseline health measures provides a great ‘cause & effect’ opportunity for us to track our successes.

—Kellie Beneke, Generations

Step One: Screenings

The LiveWell team conducts the screenings on the worksite or at the hospital. Screening takes just a few minutes and is easy, only requiring a 12-hour fast to achieve accurate lab results. In addition to the baseline screening, additional tests can be added which include thyroid testing, prostate screening or tobacco use. 

Step Two: Follow Up

After the screening, each participant receives a comprehensive information packet outlining his or her wellness results. They will be made aware if they have any of the following risk factors for Metabolic Syndrome:

  • High blood pressure
  • High fasting blood glucose
  • High triglycerides
  • Low HDL – known a as “good cholesterol”
  • High waist circumference ratio

A person with three or more risk factors – referred to as Metabolic Syndrome – can be three times more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke and five times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes than someone without Metabolic Syndrome.  

Step Three: Education for Lifestyle Adjustments

As an employer, if you have 30 or more participants, you will receive a snapshot of your group’s risk factors, along with a presentation explaining the data. An additional consultation can be scheduled to provide your staff with more health information on how to improve those health numbers. Additional consulting and training hours are available to expand the health education sessions.

For more information on LiveWell Screening and Health Management, please contact Candace Daniels at (712) 264-8300, extension 6643 or email:

Ergonomic & Injury Prevention and Management Programs

Another component to good health involves reducing injury risk, both episodic and those which can occur through repetitive use. Such injuries can result in lifetime discomfort for your employee, lost productivity, and higher claims expenses.

Through LiveWell Workplace programming, Spencer Hospital’s physical and occupational therapists provide three work-place solutions:

  • Ergonomic Evaluation and Training
    • Functional Job Analysis and Descriptions
    • Post-Offer Screenings
    • Return-to-Work Screens
    • Worksite Evaluations
    • Ergonomic Consultations and Training
  • Health Resource Interventions
    • Workplace Stretching and Exercise Programs
  • Return-to-Work Programs emphasizing active rehabilitation and minimizing time off
    • Physical and Occupational Therapy
    • Work Hardening and Conditioning

Let Us Help You Develop a Plan

Our LiveWell team will help you assess your current work injury prevention measures and will work with your business to develop a plan which will:

  • Minimize injury risk
  • Reduce recordable injuries
  • Facilitate effective hiring and return-to-work practices
  • Improve awareness and practice of ergonomic principles among managers and employees

Step 1: Schedule an Ergonomic Assessment Plan

Our professional staff will meet with you to discuss current practices and listen to your concerns, then present specific services tailored to meet your needs and goals. 

Step 2: Select Solutions

Our LiveWell team will develop a proposal using the solutions you selected, working closely with representatives from your business to develop an implementation timeline.

Step Three: Implement and Follow-Up

Once the plan is implemented, our LiveWell professionals can assist with outcomes measures and records keeping to maintain OSHA and EEOC compliance.

For more information on LiveWell Ergonomic & Injury Prevention and Management, please contact Jordan Reed at (712) 264-8300, extension 8412 or email: