Nurse Honor Guard

"Recognizing those individuals who have dedicated their lives to the profession of nursing."

About Us

Members of The Nightingales: Nurse Honor Guard consider it a privilege to participate in the memorial services of their fellow nurses.

Who better deserves a final farewell than nurses who have dedicated their lives to caring for others in times of need?

The honor guard provides a final tribute for any registered nurses, nurse practitioners or licensed practical nurses, active or retired, for memorial or graveside services anywhere in Northwest Iowa, dependent on availability of our nurse honor guard members.

Members of the honor guard will attend services wearing the traditional white uniforms, nursing caps, and blue capes.

The Nightingale Pledge & Final Call to Duty

The Nightingale Pledge and a nursing sonnet may be read at any time during the service.

The Final Call to Duty may be performed during the service. During this time, the Nightingale Lamp is lit in the nurse’s honor, and the nurse’s name is called out with a request to report to duty. With no response, the nurse’s name is repeated twice more with the same request. After the third and final call, the nurse is announced as being retired, and the lamp’s flame is extinguished.

This is the final call for those who have served selflessly and given their lives for the good of their fellow man, their tasks are complete, their duties are done, they are going home.

Contact Us

To request the presence of The Nightingales: Nurse Honor Guard or if you are interested in joining fellow nurses as an honor guard member, please reach out to:

Linda O’Clair - (712) 260-7415 |
Donna Krogman - (712) 363-6718 |

Donations Appreciated

The voluntary, non-profit Nightingales: Nurse Honor Guard is comprised of local nursing professionals who give their time and talents to honor and memorialize the lives of nursing professionals.

Donations and/or sponsorships are welcomed and appreciated! For information about donating to the Nurse Honor Guard, please contact the Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation at (712) 264-6226.