Recognizing Our Finest

Did you receive extraordinary care or service by someone at Spencer Hospital? Consider nominating that individual for either a DAISY Award or a GEM Award. 

The DAISY Award is an international program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary compassionate and skillful care given by nurses every day. Spencer Hospital is proud to be a DAISY Award partner, recognizing a total of four nurses annually.

The DAISY Award honorees personify Spencer Hospital’s remarkable patient experience. These nurses consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care. They are recognized as outstanding role models in our nursing community.

The GEM award – which stands for “Going the Extra Mile” –recognizes hospital personnel who provide extraordinary service. Our “GEMS” are people who sparkle and provide outstanding customer service, yielding “Wow!” moments. Four GEM award recipients are selected annually, with two individuals honored during the semi-annual selection periods.

How to Nominate a GEM or Daisy

Anyone - a coworker, manager, patient, family member or physician – can complete a nomination form for either a GEM or DAISY nominee. If at Spencer Hospital, nomination forms and boxes are located in a variety of patient and public areas. You can also complete the online nomination form provided on this website below

To nominate an exceptional nurse, complete the online DAISY Award Nomination Form

To nomination an outstanding Spencer Hospital employee who is not a nurse, complete the online GEM Award Nomination Form