Your Inpatient Stay

Some health conditions will require you to stay one or more nights in the hospital. You may be able to anticipate your admission, such in the case of a scheduled surgical procedure or anticipated delivery of a baby, or your hospital stay may be the result of an emergency situation or sudden, severe illness. While health concerns vary, our goal is to keep you well informed on what to expect during your hospital stay. Follow the links to learn more about each of our inpatient care areas:

  • Medical–Surgical Patient Area: If you have a surgical procedure or a medical condition which requires a hospital stay and your health condition is stable, or if you needs skilled care services, you will be admitted to the Medical-Surgical Unit.
  • Intensive Care and Progressive Care Unit:  If your health condition requires specialized monitoring, you will be admitted to the Intensive Care and Provisional Care Unit.
  • Hospice Care:  Patients under the care of the Hospice of Spencer Hospital  receive care where it’s most appropriate for their condition, at home, in a nursing care facility, or in the hospital. When hospitalization is needed, Spencer Hospital offers two spacious hospice suites.
  • Birth Center: When it’s time for baby to arrive, Spencer Hospital’s Birth Center offers a spacious, comfortable environment especially designed for moms and babies.
  • Behavioral Health: Medical care and supportive services are provided in a safe environment for adults 18 years and older experiencing an acute psychiatric diagnosis. 

Observation Status

Sometimes a patient may stay all night at the hospital, yet will not be technically admitted as an inpatient. In these cases, a patient has been placed in observation by his or her physician, which for insurance purposes is considered an outpatient admission. This means your health status needs further monitoring to determine if a diagnosis can be made which requires further inpatient treatment. During observation you may receive further tests and your symptoms will be treated and monitored. 

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