Outpatient Services

Many tests and procedures can be accomplished in one day’s visit. In a few situations, you may actually spend one or more nights; however, still be considered an outpatient due to your health diagnosis and type of services being provided. These situations typically involve post-surgical monitoring or observation status. We pledge to do our best to keep you informed and we welcome questions.

Follow the links to learn more about each of our outpatient services:

  • Diagnostic Imaging including 3D mammography, MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, and other imaging services
  • Rehabilitative Services such as physical, speech and occupational therapies, respiratory services, cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary therapy and more
  • Laboratory Services for the collection and testing of samples, such as blood or urine, to  help diagnose health conditions.
  • Same Day Surgery: Many surgical procedures are done in a few hours, resulting in patients returning home in the same day
  • Dialysis Care: Warner Dialysis Centers of Spencer and Spirit Lake provide dialysis care for patients whose kidneys need assistance in purifying their blood supply
  • Cancer Care: Abben Cancer Center of Spencer Hospital provides comprehensive cancer care
  • Emergency Services are provided 24/7 by our Level 4 Trauma Team and Paramedic Ambulance Crew
  • Health & Wellness Screenings such as Planet Heart screenings and Comprehensive Wellness Screenings
  • Telehealth Services provide area patients the opportunity to stay close to home for care rather than having to travel for many specialized health services which can be provided via telemedicine
  • Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine Center offers advanced wound care modalities and treatment plans rooted in research.