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Send your loved one a free, personalized e-greeting! Just type your message and press send; our volunteers will print and deliver your card to the patient's room.

You can also send a gift from our online gift shop.

Before you send your card, read the guidelines for sending cards.

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Guidelines for Sending Cards

Send a cheerful greeting to someone you know who is being cared for at Spencer Hospital. Here are some points to remember:

  • Messages are printed and delivered  to patients staying in the hospital. We do not deliver messages to patients coming to the hospital for outpatient procedures or clinic visits.
  • Messages are received and delivered each day, typically within 24 hours or less of receiving them.
  • Please be appropriate. If the content of the message is questionable and potentially upsetting to a patient, it will not be delivered.
  • If the patient has been discharged, we will forward the greeting to his/her listed address.

 Spencer Hospital is not liable to you or anyone else for damages, fees, fines, penalties or liabilities from the content in your patient greeting.