Fast Facts

Statistics from Fiscal Year 2019

A Typical Day
Average Daily Inpatient Census 25
Average Daily Outpatient Registrations 103
Our People
Full & Part-time Co-Workers 507
Physicians on Active Medical Staff 40
Total Physicians Providing Services to Spencer Hospital 263
Average number of Volunteers 83
Our Patients
Births 250
Surgery Visits 6,505
Radiation Oncology Procedures (Abben Cancer Center) 11,415
Emergency Department Visits 9,171
Diagnostic Imaging Procedures 14,295
Laboratory billed tests 122,569
Our Investment
Purchases made from Iowa Businesses $10 million
Total Payroll & Benefits $34.3 million
Community Benefit - FY19*
Charity Care and Unpaid Medicaid $2.5 million

Community Service (education, in-kind & financial 
contributions, health & wellness activities, etc.)

$4.9 million
Medicare Support & Uncompensated Care $13 million
* Data compiled by the Iowa Hospital Association