Spencer Hospital Manager Forgivable Loan Application

Application to be returned to HRD before the deadlines below & prior to the class start date. No late applications will be accepted.

  • September 15 and prior to the class start date for Fall classes.
  • January 15 and prior to the class start date for Spring classes.
  • July 1 and prior to the class start date for Summer classes.

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Applicant Information
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Course Information

If requests exceed the budgeted amount, requests may be paid based on a percentage of available funds.

Budgeted full-time employees = up to $16,000 per program (degree)
Budgeted part-time employees = up to $8,000 per program (degree)

The forgivable loan is taxable to the manager. Upon successful completion of the educational program, Spencer Hospital payroll will include additional earnings on each paycheck for taxation purposes only. This taxation will occur over the next three years on each paycheck and will coincide with the forgiveness time period.

Applicant Authorization

Please read the following statement carefully and add your signature in the space provided.

I hereby authorize the investigation of all statements contained in this application. I affirm that all information contained in this document is true and complete and that any misrepresentation, falsification, or willful omission herein shall be sufficient reason for refusal of application.

Questions? Please contact HRD at sph_grp.hrd@spencerhospital.org