Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP)

Ask Before You Enroll

For anyone considering a new Medicare plan or change in an existing plan, it is important to verify if the plan you're considering provides coverage in the region where you most frequently access healthcare services. While some plans offer low-cost monthly premiums, you'll want to learn if:

  • The plan covers local services
  • What your co-pay responsibility is for healthcare services
  • What type of coverage works best for you if you take prescription medications

Visit with your insurance advisor, contact a financial planner or social worker at the hospital, or use the services provided through SHIIP (Senior Health Insurance Information Program). SHIIP is a resource to help you compare various plans to guide you in selecting the one that best suits your healthcare needs. 

To schedule a consultation with one of Spencer Hospital's SHIIP counselors, please call (712) 264-6198.

If you'd like, please take a few minutes to review the Checklist for People Approaching Medicare Eligibility, which has important tips for helping select the best plan for you - Checklist for People Approaching Medicare Eligibility

Iowa's SHIIP program offers a variety of resources for you -