Medical & Surgical Patient Care Services provides care for patients with a variety of needs. As the name of the unit implies, patients who have undergone surgical procedures often spend time recovering under the care of the Medical-Surgical staff. Also, patients hospitalized for a variety of medical reasons from pneumonia to injuries are typically cared for on the Medical-Surgical Unit.  Below is information which may help put your mind at ease regarding your stay.

Where to Find Medical-Surgical Patient Care Area

Our Medical-Surgical Unit (frequently called Med/Surg) is located on the second and third floors of the west wing of Spencer Hospital. The Medical-Surgical area is accessible by using the elevators right past the main lobby, selecting either 2W or 3W, depending on which floor you wish to reach.

Patient Rooms & Amenities

Our spacious patient rooms are private, single-occupancy areas designed for optimal care and comfort. Features include:

  • Guest area with loveseats that unfold to create a bed for a loved one who wishes to spend the night.
  • Spacious private restrooms and showers
  • Access to whirlpool tubs
  • Flat screen televisions
  • Room service meals provided by our Nutrition Services team
  • Nutrition station with snacks available
  • Complimentary wireless access to keep you or your visitors connected

Our Medical-Surgical Patient Care Team

Your care will be overseen by a physician and you will always have a registered nurse assigned to your care. Depending on your medical condition, you may have additional care providers and ancillary staff involved in helping your return to better health.

  • Medical Staff:  You will have a physician overseeing your care, which may be your family physician, your surgeon or one of the hospitalists who provide medical care for inpatients at Spencer Hospital.
  • Hospitalist: As an inpatient, you may receive care from a hospitalist – a physician who specializes in caring for hospitalized patient. Available seven days each week at Spencer Hospital from 7 AM-7 PM, the hospitalist is present to address health issues as they arise and to coordinate care with a patient’s family physician or specialist. The hospitalist team includes a nurse practitioner who is also available to provide patient care.
  • Nurses who will monitor your health and administer medications and treatments under the direction of your physician.
  • Leadership or Resource Nurses who work closely with your entire care team to assure your health needs and personal comfort is being met.
  • Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) and Patient Care Technicians (PCTs) who can assist you with personal tasks such as bathing, visiting the restroom and other needs.
  • Social Workers who assist patients and families in accessing community resources, aid in discharge planning and care transitions, and can provide information on advanced directives
  • Specialized Health Professionals including staff specifically trained in physical, occupational, speech or respiratory therapies, or would care treatment and infectious diseases.
  • Dietitians who assist with nutritional needs and, if needed, special diet planning.
  • Nutrition Services: Using our Dining Room Service, you will be able to select meals to be ordered and delivered by our Nutrition Services team.
  • Lab or Diagnostic Imaging Techs: If lab tests or diagnostic imaging (x-rays, MRIs, CT, etc.) are ordered, you will be visited by a lab tech to secure a sample of your blood, and/or by a DI tech who will conduct the imaging test required for your care.
  • Pharmacists who oversee your medication needs while hospitalized.
  • Environmental: Your room and bathroom will be routinely cleaned by our environmental services team.

If at any time during your stay you have questions or concerns, please ask to visit with a nurse leader. For optimal healing, we believe you need to be as comfortable as possible and pleased with your care.   

Telehealth Services

All of our patient rooms have connectivity ability for telehealth services, enabling our local healthcare team to consult with specialists at any location regarding your care.

Visiting Hours

Visits from family members and friends can provide a tremendous benefit to our hospital patients. Please respect the wishes of the patient regarding how much or how little visitation he or she would like. For the health and safety of our patients, please do not visit if you or a child is ill and have an infectious disease such as a cold or the flu.

Visiting Hours are from 7 am - 9 pm, with quiet time from 2 - 4 pm. The front entrance is locked at 9 PM; afterwards, admission can be gained through the Emergency Department entrance on the northeast side of the hospital.

Patients with Infections Illnesses: Standard precautions and procedures apply to patients being treated for infectious illnesses, which include visitor restrictions.