Pregnancy & Childbirth

Maybe a Baby?

When the addition of a baby is in your future, let Spencer Hospital’s team be your health guide through pregnancy, delivery, breast-feeding support and pediatric care as your child grows.

When choosing a provider for you and your growing family,  Avera Medical Group Spencer, a department of Spencer Hospital, has several physicians who provide maternity and pediatric care. 

As your pregnancy advances, you will be encouraged to enroll in a variety of Childbirth Education courses. You can register online for any class under Events & Classes.

Tours of the Birth Center are provided within the Special Delivery Childbirth Class. If you choose not to enroll in this class yet would like a tour, please contact us at (712) 264-8300 extension 6314. 

Visiting Hours

Visits from family members and friends can be quite enjoyable for new moms who often are eager to introduce their little one to family and friends. Please respect the wishes of the patient regarding how much or how little visitation he or she would like. For the health and safety of our patients, please do not visit if you or a child is ill and have an infectious disease such as a cold or the flu. Mom & Baby Quiet Time is scheduled each day from 2 – 4 PM to provide new moms the opportunity to quietly rest or nap.  The front entrance is locked at 9 PM; afterwards, admission can be gained through the Emergency Department entrance on the northeast side of the hospital.

Additional Resources

During your pregnancy and after delivery, you will have many questions. We encourage you to visit with your physician and care team about your questions and remember that not all information presented on online sites is accurate. We do recommend a few information sources for you.

  • Best Care for Better Babies: Home visits provide one-on-one time with parents and help increase their knowledge of their infants’ health and development.
  • Spencer Area Breastfeeding Coalition: Ask our Birth Center staff about the coalition and resources provided
  • Count the Kicks: Education for expectant parents regarding the importance of tracking baby’s movements during the third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Period of Purple Crying: This website is a good resource for parents of newborns. The “Period of Purple Crying” is the phase of a baby’s life when they cry more than any other time.
  • American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists: This website provides reliable resources for a variety of women’s health issues. 
  • Iowa Safe Haven Act: The Safe Haven Act is an Iowa law which permits parents to give up physical custody of an infant up to 90 days old to a specific Safe Haven location without fear of repercussions. The Spencer Hospital Emergency Department is a Safe Haven. Follow the link for more information about Safe Haven along with additional resources including a list of adoption services. 

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