Pediatric Rehabilitative Services

Spencer Hospital offers comprehensive rehabilitative service especially designed for pediatric patients.

As children grow and develop, it is important they have support to help them meet their developmental goals.  Parents and caregivers typically provide that needed support.  However, when a child is diagnosed with a developmental challenge, a healthcare professional can provide the necessary guidance to help that child reach his or her maximum potential. 

An Integrated Team

Spencer Hospital's Pediatric Rehabilitative Services provides a medically-based team approach to meet your child’s needs. Health professionals in Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy are available to provide individualized assessment and treatment for your child’s special needs. 

  • Our Speech-Language Pathologists work with children to increase a functional means of communication across a wide variety of diagnoses.
  • Our Occupational Therapists work with children to improve their fine motor skills, sensory development and independence with self-help skills.
  • Our Physical Therapists oversee motor development that includes skills for sitting, crawling, walking, running and jumping as well as specific interventions for diagnoses such as toe walking and torticollis (neck tightness).

Our dedicated pediatric rehab rooms are decorated with a youthful theme and is filled with child-size equipment. Also, we have a warm water therapy pool that is utilized to work towards functional goals. 

Feeding Therapy

One of pediatric rehabilitative services is feeding therapy, offered in conjunction with Child Health Specialty Clinic, Iowa’s Title V Program for Children with Special Health Care Needs. 

Feeding therapy provides a multi-disciplinary approach to assess all aspects of a child’s ability to eat.  The Feeding Team professionals work with each child, tailoring services to meet their individual needs.  The feeding therapy team includes Speech-Language Pathologist, an occupational therapist and a dietitian.

To Schedule Pediatric Rehab Services

While parents and caregivers are welcome to call us at any time to learn more about our various pediatric rehabilitative services, a physician’s referral for your child is required for enrollment in any of our therapy programs. 

To learn more about Spencer Hospital's Pediatric Rehabilitative Services, please call  (712) 264-6189.