Cardiac & Vascular Medicine

North Central Heart - A Division of Avera Heart Hospital provides specialized cardiac and vascular medicine services at the Spencer Hospital Visiting Specialists Clinic.

Visiting Doctors from North Central Heart

Services at North Central Heart

A large staff of board-certified and board-eligible specialists ensures the widest range of services and the most innovative practices, including:

  • Cardiology (diagnostic testing, invasive procedures)
  • Electrophysiology (pacemakers, catheter ablation, defibrillators)
  • CV surgery (coronary bypass, valve surgery, aneurysms, peripheral vascular, laser)
  • Vascular medicine (diagnostic testing, invasive procedures)
  • Venous disease (varicose veins, sclerotherapy, laser)
  • Risk management, patient education

To schedule an appointment: (712) 264-6620