Robotic Surgery

Imagine the advantages for a surgeon to be able to zoom in and magnify tiny nerves and blood vessels, creating greater visualization of a patient’s anatomy.  At the same time, envision that surgeon essentially shrinking his arms and wrists to maneuver through a tiny incision into the patient’s body, performing surgery with great agility and comfort. That’s the ease and dexterity surgical robotics  technology provides.

Surgical robotics is a technology frequently used by general and gynecological surgeons.

Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Surgical robotics provides another option for minimally invasive surgical procedures. While similar to laparoscopic techniques which are also minimally invasive, robotic surgery using the da Vinci Xi Surgical system provides even greater precision, mimicking the dexterity of a surgeon’s hands and wrists.  Typical benefits for patients may include:

Faster recovery – resulting in fewer days from work, school or doing other daily activities
Less pain – a smaller incision and less disruption of internal organs typically results in less post-surgical pain.
Less physical demands on the surgeon, allowing the physician the ability to perform cases more comfortably with less wear on the surgeon’s body.

What the Surgeons Say About Robotics

The robotic system is a tool that allows me to do things I can't do without getting my hands inside of a patient. The robot can replicate things we cannot do with our traditional laparoscopic instruments. The actual use of the robot is very straight-forward because it does what your hands do.

— Dr. Jason Keonin, Northwest Iowa Surgeons

I think one of the major advantages of robotic assisted cases is the enhanced ability to work in confined, difficult to reach spaces. The hardest part of a minimally invasive approach is getting where you need to be and see what you're doing. The robot system accomplishes that goal.

— Dr. Jaren Ricker, Northwest Iowa Surgeons

The robot is a tool just like a carpenter uses a hammer in his trade. The robot is a tool which allows us to do surgery differently and enables us to offer things to our patients which otherwise we are unable to do. We are still doing the surgery; it is just a different tool that we have.

— Dr. Brian Wilson, Avera Medical Group Spencer-Advanced Gynecology & Surgery

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