Aquatic Therapy

Why Aquatic Therapy?

Warm water therapy helps relax muscles and joints while the water provides buoyancy, helping to support body weight. Plus, it’s fun! Aqua therapy is used for all ages, often being a favorite therapy activity for pediatric patients and seniors alike.

Frequent reasons why warm water therapy is recommended for patients include:

  • Post-surgical rehabilitation, especially total joint replacement and spine surgery
  • Arthritis, muscle pain, and joint stiffness
  • Decreased balance/falls
  • Brain and Spinal cord injury
  • Altered muscle tone, high tone/spasticity or low tone/flaccidity
  • Developmental delay in children

What Are the Benefits?

The properties of water provide specific benefits to a wide variety of patients to supplement and enhance your recovery.

Buoyancy: People weight less in water than they do on land. This allows for decreased stress through the back and legs and for the performance of activities and exercises which may be difficult or painful on land

Resistance: Water offers a natural resistance to movement, improving strength, coordination, balance, and endurance

Pressure: The pressure of the water on the body, coupled with movement, helps to reduce painful swelling

Temperature: Our warm water pool is kept around 94 degrees to help with stiffness and pain

How Do I Schedule Aqua Therapy Sessions?

Many patients choose Spencer Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services especially for aquatic therapy, and request this treatment option from the onset of their care. Our Therapists are experts at determining patients who can benefit from treatment in our aquatic therapy pool and incorporating this option as part of your plan of care.

To request aquatic therapy and to schedule an appointment, call Spencer Hospital Rehabilitation Services at 712-264-8300 extension 6189.

How Should I Prepare for My Therapy Session?

When you arrive for your first scheduled session, you will first stop by Spencer Hospital’s Patient Registration area. Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. After you register, you will be directed to the Rehabilitative Services area where you will check in with the receptionist. If additional therapy sessions are scheduled after your initial visit, you can come directly to Rehab Services on your future visits.

A changing room is provided for you to bring or wear swimwear for your aqua therapy session. We recommend you select a swimsuit which is comfortable and provides coverage for you while you move through your therapy session.