Medical Oncology

Medical oncology typically involves treating cancer using chemotherapy, which is the use of medications to fight cancer throughout a person’s body, either given orally or through IV lines.  Medical oncology services are generally provided between 7:30 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. 

What to Expect - Your First Visit

When you arrive for your treatment, you will be warmly welcomed by our receptionist at the front desk who will check you in for your appointment.  You are welcome and encouraged to bring a family or friends to your appointment as their support is valuable and it’s beneficial your support team is present to receive education related to your treatment and care. We request that all guests are free from sniffles and illness to protect our patients who are immune compromised due to their treatments.

Complimentary valet services are available each weekday at the main entrance of the hospital.  Abben Cancer Center is located on the north end of the hospital’s campus.

Please arrive one hour prior to your scheduled appointment with our physician to allow time for lab work to be completed and results received.  If you have questions related to your arrival time, double-check the information with the nurse who schedules your appointment.

Consultation: During your first oncology appointment you can anticipate one hour for our staff to obtain information about your current medical symptoms and condition along with taking a thorough medical history. We will also be providing education related to your course of treatment. 

If your physician decides to administer infusion therapy, education will be provided related to what you can expect and possible side effects.  We will also review the future schedule for this therapy. Due to the volume of information provided, it is helpful to bring someone with you, especially the person who may be accompanying you to future appointments.

You will see your physician before each chemotherapy treatment. Your next appointments will be scheduled and mailed to you after your first visit. 

Our Chemotherapy Center

Abben Cancer Center’s infusion area is designed as an open, communal environment as many patients enjoy talking to each other and sharing their cancer journey together. Privacy curtains are available to pull when patients desire quiet time and solitude.

You will receive your infusion while seated in a roomy, reclining chair, designed for your comfort.  Each chair is equipped with its own TV with headset to make television viewing quiet and private. If you happen to be receiving care during a meal time, room service is offered and your meal is delivered right to your chair. You will have your choice of an entrée prepared for you by our hospital café staff.  If you happen to get chilly, warm blankets are available to make you more comfortable.

Abben’s infusion center also has its own pharmacy, staffed with specially trained pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who mix and dispense all our chemotherapy medications.  Our pharmacy staff is always available to answer any questions you might have.

The length and frequency of your treatments will depend on the therapy regime your physician has prescribed.

What to Bring

If you have any comfort items which will make you feel more relaxed, such as a special blanket or pillow, please feel free to bring those items.  You may also bring your personal electronics, such as a tablet or movie player, and connect to the internet using our complimentary wi-fi service. If you do bring music or a movie to play, please also bring your headset or ear-buds to ensure the comfort of those around you.

For a special treat or meal before or after your care, you may wish to stop by the hospital café or Twisted Sips, the coffee shop located on the hospital’s campus. Also, our Resource Center offers an array of information and magazines are also available to help you pass the time. If you have questions at any time, please ask any of our team members. 

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