Post Baby

Breastfeeding Support

To breast-feed, bottle-feed or to do a combination of both is a very personal decision. For many moms and babies, health evidence points to numerous benefits of breast-feeding, including:

  • Fewer colds and viruses for babies
  • Long-term protection against diabetes, celiac diseases and Crohn’s
  • Stronger bones
  • Lower Sudden Infant Death Syndrome risk
  • Helps mom burn more calories
  • Enhances post-delivery healing
  • Convenience – breast milk is always ready at the right temperature
  • Cost savings

Spencer Hospital has Certified Lactation Consultants on staff to provide education on breastfeeding and answer any questions moms may have. Each Wednesday between 10-11 AM new moms can stop by the Birth Center for consultation and breastfeeding support from our lactation consultants, covering topics such as baby latching assistance, managing sore breasts, info on pumping and storing milk, and other transitional concerns. Your baby can also be weighed during these weekly sessions to monitor his/her breastfeeding progress.