OB-Gynecology Surgery

Gynecological surgeons provide a variety of different treatment options to their patients at Spencer Hospital’s Surgery Center. In addition to numerous gynecological procedures, these surgeons are highly trained in advanced treatment of infertility and female incontinence surgery.  Procedures are performed using a variety of methods, some of which include advanced laparoscopy and robotic surgery.  Our most common gynecological procedures are as follows:

  • Hysterectomy (laparoscopic assisted, robotic assisted, or vaginal approach)
  • Anterior and/or posterior repair for incontinence
  • Uretheral sling procedures to assist with incontinence
  • Dilatation and curettage for a variety of different female diagnosis
  • Chromotubation to assist with infertility concerns
  • Numerous other procedures to assist with female health 

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