Knee Replacement

Do you regularly experience knee pain? Has your knee discomfort resulted in limiting or avoiding activities? After conservative treatments have been exhausted, you may wish to consult with an orthopedic specialist to determine if you are a candidate for knee replacement surgery.

What is a Knee Replacement?

A knee replacement surgery, often called a total knee arthroplasty, is used to decrease pain and restore function in knees severely damaged by arthritis. During this procedure, an orthopedic surgeon will remove damaged cartilage and bone from your knee. The knee joint is then replaced with an artificial joint made of durable materials like metals and high-grade plastics.

Is Knee Replacement Right for You?

If you are considering a total knee replacement, you or your family practice physician will schedule an appointment for you with an orthopedic surgeon. This surgeon will conduct a thorough examination of your knee, often including use of medical imaging. If a knee replacement procedure is recommended, you will also have a pre-surgical physical to assess your current health condition, and guide your care following the surgery.

What You Can Expect

Your orthopedic surgeon, the surgeon’s office staff, and Spencer Hospital will work together to prepare you for your procedure, as well as care for you following your operation.

Your orthopedic surgeon’s office will provide you with information regarding the operation and an approximate time for your procedure. Spencer Hospital also offers a Joint Replacement Education Class for those patients who wish to be further prepared for their experience.  A day before your operation, a Spencer Hospital pre-admissions nurse will call you with final instructions and to answer any additional questions you have.

You will be prepared for your procedure by your care team, including nurses, anesthetists, and your surgeon. Your operation will take approximately an hour, after which you will be closely monitored to ensure recovery from the procedure. When you are ready, you will transfer to our Medical/Surgical floor for nursing care and post-operative rehabilitation. Once you have met discharge criteria, you will be released from the hospital where your care will continue with your orthopedic surgeon and outpatient physical therapy.

Spencer Hospital’s Short-Stay Knee Replacement Program

Based on your personal health status and insurance coverage, you may qualify for the Short Stay Knee Replacement program. As the program title indicates, your hospital stay after your knee surgery will be brief, often less than 24 hours. This model of care offers patients the opportunity to recover comfortably in their own home following surgery. All of the pre- and post-operative care provided to patients during the traditional total knee program is offered to patients on the short stay knee replacement program, just on an accelerated schedule. If you have questions about whether this program is right for you, please speak with your orthopedic surgeon.   

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

Not only will Spencer Hospital’s physical therapist get you started on a post-surgical rehabilitation plan right after your procedure, they can also work with you on an outpatient basis to enhance your recovery. Spencer Hospital offers several convenient locations for outpatient physical therapy including:

  • Spencer Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitative Services
  • Rehab @The Clinic, located in the Spencer Medical Arts Building, above Avera Medical Group Spencer
  • Milford Family Care
  • Sioux Rapids Family Care

Also, the Spencer Hospital location offers warm water therapy which is a great treatment option for many post-surgical patients. For more information, follow this link: Spencer Hospital Physical Therapy Services