Labor & Delivery

Baby Time!

When it’s time to welcome your baby into the world, the Spencer Hospital Birth Center offers a comfortable, relaxing environment for new moms and babes. The spacious birthing suites are designed for mothers to comfortably use for labor, delivery, post-partum and recovery. Each of the six patient rooms features an exquisite view from large picture windows facing the Grand Avenue Park.

Amenities include:

  • Large jet-stream tubs for warm water baths which help ease pain during labor and provides relaxation after your baby arrives
  • Tiled walk-in shower in a spacious private bathroom
  • Fold-out sofa for Dad or other support person to spend the night
  • Room service allows you to select when you want to eat and what.
  • Speaker system and jacks in each room so Mom can bring her own personal play list
  • Amply supplied snack area as welcoming babies can create an appetite
  • Flat screen television for when a distraction is helpful
  • Mini-fridge in each room for your personal snack supply
  • Wireless access to enable you to keep friends and family informed
  • Special meal for after delivery of your newest family member. Accompanied with a chilled bottle of sparkling juice.

When mom needs quiet time, babies can be carefully monitored in our spacious nursery and family members can lounge in the birth center lobby where there’s a coffee bar, television, restroom and toys for older siblings to enjoy. 

All of the OB nurses are awesome & very knowledgeable!  I wouldn't have a baby anywhere else!

—Proud Parent

What to Bring With You

While we have anticipated many of your needs, you may wish to consider bringing the following items with you to the hospital:

  • Your personal toiletries: We will have body wash, hair care product, toothpaste and lotion on hand for you, however, you are welcome to bring your favorite items
  • Going home outfits for you: You will be provided gowns and robes while you are our guest, though some moms like to bring their own sleepwear. You’ll want to pack comfortable clothes for your going home outfit. Remember, though you’ve had your baby, your body most likely will not return to pre-pregnancy size for some time.
  • A going home outfit for baby: Again, plan on something comfortable for your baby to wear for your child’s first trip out of the hospital
  • Camera and cell phone: You may wish to have these items handy to capture precious moments and to notify friends and family. Our staff, with your permission, will also take your baby’s photo and post an announcement under Baby Photos on our website.

Personalized for You

Each birth story is unique. Visit with your physician about the important details for your birth experience and use our Birth Preference Guide which is available to help you note preferences. You can always update your preferences and there may be times during your birth experience that the plan will need be change, yet good communication and conversations with your physician prior to delivery can help us meet your expectations.

There might be times when your plans may change during the course of your labor. For example, if you are planning on a vaginal birth there’s a chance events may dictate a cesarean delivery is necessary. If that occurs, our state-of-the-art Surgery Center is adjacent to the Birth Center and readily accessible to accommodate you and your significant other to welcome the newest member of your family. 

Pain Management Options

From an all-natural birth experience to an epidural to assist with your pain management plan, the Birth Center offers a variety of options to meet your needs. Other options include:

  • Breathing techniques
  • Whirlpool tub
  • Shower
  • Music Therapy
  • Birthing ball
  • Essential oils
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Intravenous pain medication
  • Epidural
  • Sterile water injections

Our Patient Care Team

A whole team of professionals are available to care for you and your baby. During your hospital stay, you will interact with many of the team members listed.

  • Medical Staff:  You will have a physician overseeing your care, which will be your personal family physician or one of your doctor’s partners.
  • Nurses who will monitor your health and assist you during your birth experience.
  • Leadership or Resource Nurses who work closely with your entire care team to assure your health needs and personal comfort is being met.
  • Women’s Health Physical Therapist: Your body experiences many changes during pregnancy and childbirth and our PTs who specialize in Women’s Health Services will visit you to offer support and guidance.
  • Dietitians who assist with nutritional needs and, if needed, special diet planning.
  • Nutrition Services: Using our Dining Room Service, you will be able to select meals to be ordered and delivered by our Nutrition Services team.
  • Lab or Diagnostic Imaging Techs: If lab tests or diagnostic imaging (x-rays, MRIs, CT, etc.) are ordered, you will be visited by a lab tech to secure a sample of your blood, and/or by a DI tech who will conduct the imaging test required for your care.
  • Pharmacists who oversee your medication needs while hospitalized.
  • Environmental: Your room and bathroom will be routinely cleaned by our environmental services team.

If at any time during your stay you have questions or concerns, please ask to visit with a nurse leader. For optimal healing, we believe you need to be as comfortable as possible and pleased with your care.   

Telehealth Services

All of our patient rooms and nursery have connectivity ability for telehealth services, enabling our local healthcare team to consult with specialists at any location regarding your care or the care of your child. 

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