Women's Health

While both genders share many of the same health concerns, there are some health issues unique to women. Spencer Hospital provides a myriad of services designed to meet the special health needs - preventative, diagnostic and treatment - of women.

Primary Care: Establishing a relationship with a primary care provider can help you manage your health through all stages of life. Primary care is provided locally through Avera Medical Group Spencer, Milford Family Care and Sioux Rapids Family Care, departments of Spencer Hospital.

Pregnancy & Childbirth: When you prepare to welcome a new baby into your family, let our experienced team guide you through your pregnancy and delivery in Spencer Hospital’s beautiful Birth Center. 

Ultrasound Services: Ultrasound technology is used for many diagnostic tests, yet one of the favorite ultrasound tests performed is to take a peek at baby’s development.

Women’s Physical Therapy: After pregnancy or as part of the normal aging process, women may experience pelvic health issues, including pain or incontinence. Physical therapists who are specially trained in addressing these concerns can help. 

Mammography: State-of-the-art 3D mammography technology is used for breast health screenings and also for diagnostic testing. 

Breast Health Navigators: If you receive a diagnosis of cancer, our certified breast health navigators are available to assist you through your journey of care. Your breast health navigator will meet with you to help answer any questions, connect you with medical and community resources, and to provide support.  Contact our Women’s Health Center for more information: womenshealth@spencerhospital.org .

Bone Mineral Density: A bone mineral density scan is the most accurate way to measure bone health and to help detect osteoporosis and a woman’s risk for fractures.

Surgical Services: Some surgical procedures specifically address women’s health issues, including gynecological procedures which may call for the use of less invasive techniques using surgical robotics. 

Women’s Health Center: Our beautiful Women’s Health Center is located on the first floor, adjacent to the Café. This relaxing space includes a library with resources that can be checked out for review and also is a private area to wait for appointments, including mammography, bone mineral density testing and ultrasound. The Women’s Center also includes an office for the Women’s Health Coordinator.

Women’s Health Coordinator: A registered nurse specializing in women’s health is available to assists patients in connecting with services and available resources. Contact the Women’s Health Center at (712) 264-8300 extension 6649 or email: womenshealth@spencerhospital.org.

Education: Spencer Hospital offers health information events throughout the year. Watch our “Classes & Events” section to learn more.