Spencer Hospital Training Center

The American Heart Association has established a network of Training Centers to broaden its outreach of Emergency Cardiac Care (ECC) educational programs and strengthen the AHA Chain of Survival. By training more people to do high quality CPR, use an automated external defibrillator, and integrate Advanced Cardiac and Pediatric Advanced Life Support into their resuscitation efforts, we know we can save more lives.  The Spencer Hospital Training Center (SHTC) was established for just that reason: to promote quality ECC programming, and strengthen the chain of survival in NW Iowa and beyond. By aligning with the SHTC we will strive to provide the instructor: 

  • Competitive pricing for AHA course completion cards
  • Quick turnaround on receiving your AHA course completion cards
  • Streamlined and user friendly paperwork and forms
  • Assistance with the proper administration and quality of your ECC courses
  • Consistent and timely communication of any new or updated information about National, Regional, or TC policies, procedures, course content, or course administration that could potentially affect you in carrying out your responsibilities
  • Serve as your resource for information, support, and quality control through monitoring and mentoring of your programs
  • Provide regular instructor updates and new instructor training courses

Simply put we want to be your one stop shop for all your ECC needs.

Feel free to contact us anytime with any question you may have. We will respond within 72 hours. Thank you for aligning with the Spencer Hospital Training Center.

Spencer Hospital Training Center
1200 First Avenue East
Spencer, Iowa 51301
Phone (712) 264-6517
Fax (712) 264-8529