Annual Garden of Life Planned for May 2021 in Hospital Park

posted on Thursday, April 22, 2021 in Foundation

Though 2020 provided many challenges, one of the lessons of the year was to slow down and appreciate the beauty and kindness around us.

Community members are invited to join in creating the annual Garden of Life in Spencer Hospital's Grand Avenue Park. Each donation for the Garden of Life campaign that is given to the Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation in memory of a loved one or in honor of a special caregiver will be represented by a blooming plant.

"We're excited to launch our 2021 Garden of Life campaign and we are hoping we'll have the opportunity to carefully gather community members together again to plant the beautiful blooming plants in the hospital park," commented Sara Taylor, Executive Director of the Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation.

The Garden of Life event initially focused on raising funds for Hospice of Spencer Hospital and continues to highlight hospice services and the families served by the hospice team. However, donors can designate any service they which to support with their Garden of Life gift. Also, gifts can memorialize or honor anyone, near or far.

There are several ways to make a donation to the 2021 Garden of Life, including the following:

  • Mail a gift to the Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation, 1200 First Ave. East, Spencer, IA 51301. With your gift, include a note that your donation is for the Garden of Life and also note whom you'd like your gift to honor or memorialize.
  • Make an online gift - HERE. When completing your gift information, under the drop-down list that says, "My contribution is an event sponsorship for the following:" select "Garden of Life."
  • For those who like the convenience of giving through Venmo or PayPal, text "garden" to (202) 858-1233.

If you have any questions, please call Sara Taylor at (712) 264-6226 or email

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