Hospital Foundation's Annual Fund Drive Focuses on Fetal Monitor Enhancement

posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2021 in Foundation

Each year, about 250 babies are born at Spencer Hospital. These moments represent 250 opportunities to welcome a brand new human to the world, full of wonder and promise. Yet, during the time of labor and delivery, there are also 250 possibilities of a health complication.

Fortunately, most deliveries occur without concerns. Also, thanks to the high-tech equipment available to monitor both mom and baby, concerns can be detected early, allowing for rapid response and intervention, when needed. Yet, technology is always advancing and improving. This year, the Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation is investing in that technology that helps provide reassurance by funding an upgrade to the fetal monitoring system utilized in the hospital’s Birth Center.

“Annually, our foundation selects a project for its annual campaign, and this year we’re excited to be part of the enhancement of our Fetal Monitor System. This enhanced system will include updating software and replacing monitors that traditionally strap onto a mom’s tummy with a beltless monitoring system,” explained Sara Taylor, executive director for the foundation.

“This beltless system offers a number of advantages, including increased comfort for mom, enhanced reliability in monitoring vital signs for moms of all shapes and sizes, and the ability for laboring moms to more easily walk around our beautiful Birth Center as they’re preparing for delivery,” Taylor commented. “We also know that some of our donors have other service areas which they like to support. All gifts for the enhancement of healthcare in our region are welcomed.”

Gifts can be mailed to: Spencer Regional Healthcare Foundation, 1200 First Ave. E., Spencer, IA 51301. Or, people can also give online at, use the giving option on Spencer Hospital’s Facebook page, or this year, even can give through PayPal or Venmo by texting: GIVING21 to 202-858-1233

“Your gift to the foundation demonstrates your heartfelt support for your family, friends and neighbors. Your generosity to the Foundation is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference in our community,” Taylor commented. “I invite anyone with questions regarding this year’s annual fund drive or other giving opportunities at Spencer Hospital to contact me.” Taylor can be reached by email at or by phone, (712) 264-6226. 

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