Counselors Can Assist with ACA Enrollment

posted on Monday, October 29, 2018 in General

Spencer Hospital financial counselors are available to assist the public with 2019 Affordable Care Act insurance enrollment.

The enrollment period for the national ACA marketplace runs November 1 through December 15, 2018. Coverage would commence on January 1, 2019. 

“Access to health insurance coverage enables patients to seek preventative wellness services, or to proactively schedule an appointment when a health concern first arises, in a more treatable stage,” said Spencer Hospital president Bill Bumgarner.  “While program modifications by Congress have impacted ACA choices nationally, healthcare analysts continue to encourage individuals and families in need of coverage to explore their options.”

Bumgarner advised there may be affordable options available to many individuals.  That’s because, in some instances, premium subsidies offered by the federal government significantly offset the premium expense. 

“Despite reports of increasing premium levels, we encourage those in need of health insurance coverage to contact the hospital’s financial counselors,” he said. “For some, coverage support subsidies increase along with premium cost.  Affordable options may well be available.  In addition, some people may be eligible for Medicaid coverage.”

Medica was Iowa’s sole ACA insurance provider option in 2018.  The company will offer coverage again in 2019 along with Iowa’s largest health insurance company, Wellmark Blue Cross & Blue Shield. 

Spencer Hospital’s financial planners can be reached at (712) 264-6259 or (712) 264-6128.  ACA plan information and direct enrollment can also be accessed at or through participating local insurance agents.