Hospice of Spencer Hospital offers 6-week Understanding Grief Support Group

posted on Thursday, December 12, 2019 in General

Losing a loved one is indescribable to someone who has not felt the loss of death. Hospice of Spencer Hospital's professional team understands the tragedy of losing a loved one and they identify with the difficult decisions and emotions that the person left behind faces.

To help people cope with the death of a loved one, Hospice of Spencer Hospital is offering a 6-week Understanding Grief Support Group. The group will meet each Tuesday evening beginning January 7 through February 11 from 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. at the Spencer Hospital Women’s Center.

“During your time with the Understanding Grief Support Group, you will uncover techniques to help begin the healing process,” commented Chelsea Reed, social worker for Hospice of Spencer Hospital. “We will help guide you and support you in your healing process. This group offers hope for the future in a caring setting.”

Once the sessions start, the group will be closed to new participants. The course will be offered at various times each year to new groups. To register, please contact Hospice of Spencer Hospital at (712) 264-6380.

Hospice of Spencer Hospital cares for people of any age who are suffering from any terminal illness. Not-for-profit and community oriented, Hospice of Spencer Hospital keeps individuals and their unique life stories at the heart of its mission. The hospice team consists of physicians as medical advisors, specially trained hospice nurses, social worker, spiritual care, volunteers, massage therapist, and music counselor. For more information on Hospice of Spencer Hospital, visit www.spencerhospital.org/hospice.

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