Spencer Hospital Honorable Mentioned in Iowa's ‘Give Back' Challenge

posted on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 in General

Spencer Hospital employees logged nearly 2,300 volunteer hours during the months of April and May, earning the hospital honorable mention - basically second place – in the medium-size business category for Volunteer Iowa’s 4th annual Give Back Iowa Challenge. The campaign objective is for businesses to encourage their employees to volunteer and log their hours as part of an eight-week challenge offered across the state of Iowa.

The 2018 Give Back Iowa Challenge had 56 participating organizations—representing just shy of 54,000 employees in Iowa—that logged over 83,000 volunteer hours. This outstanding amount of volunteer time increased 39% over the final hours reported in 2017. According to the current Iowa volunteer rate per hour from the Independent Sector, the value of these hours exceeds $1.9 million.

“We had individuals who participated in a wide array of volunteer activities, ranging from giving their time to mentor youth to helping with community events and more,” commented Candace Daniels, Spencer Hospital human resource generalist and wellness coordinator.

“We also had a few group activities, including providing shopping lists that people could pick up and fulfill on their own time and their own dime,” Daniels said. “As a result, we delivered over 50 gift baskets to the Spencer YMCA and Upper Des Moines Opportunity which totaled close to $1,000 in value. Gift kits were created with birthday themes, summer sun, hygiene, or a chili meal. It was very rewarding to deliver all of these items and we are very proud of our staff for stepping up to help so many in need. As Spencer Hospital’s tagline says – we’re Healthier Together!”

Daniels added that routinely throughout the year, volunteer opportunities are shared with hospital co-workers. As a result, volunteerism occurs throughout the region as hospital employees reside in a number of communities throughout northwest Iowa.

“Even though the Give Back Iowa Challenge is only a short snapshot in time, it demonstrates the impact employers have on improving our communities through service,” stated Adam Lounsbury, Volunteer Iowa Executive Director. “Employee volunteering is win-win for both employers and the community, and with the continued support of employers every day of the year, we can scale the impact across Iowa.”