Spencer Hospital Nurse Named "Hospital Hero"

posted on Friday, August 18, 2017 in General

The Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) has named Spencer Hospital nurse Margaret Molitor as a recipient of the 2017 Hospital Hero awards. As such, Molitor will be honored during IHA’s annual meeting in October.

“Margaret is a hero – someone we all look up to admire – in how she lives her life. Each day that Margaret works, she strives to make that day special in some manner for her patients and often her co-workers too,” expressed Brenda Tiefenthaler, vice president of patient care and informatics at Spencer Hospital.

More than 70,000 Iowans work at hospitals across the state, committed to helping patients and their families and to promote community wellness. Each year, approximately 10 people are selected from a pool of nominees to be recognized as Hospital Heroes.

Tiefenthaler and Susan Zulk, VP of marketing and fund development, nominated Margaret for the honor, noting: “While some heroes are noted for super human strength or saving children from burning buildings, Margaret’s heroism isn’t found within a single event, yet rather in 365 events each year.”

Molitor is known for connecting with each patient and striving to brighten their days, perhaps with a joke, a small token from her pocket such as a little duck or other toy, with a comical accessory to her uniform, or with a song.  Those gifts bring a smile yet do so much more as the act of giving demonstrates that she cares for that individual as a person, beyond her role as a nurse providing exceptional patient care.

“Margaret has sung for patients many times, likely more times that we know, treating them to a favorite melody,” Zulk said. “A few years ago, our medical/surgical team help host an impromptu wedding, as one of our patients was the father of the bride, yet he too ill to leave his hospital room. Margaret volunteered to sing, adding to the special ceremony. For another patient, she brightened her days with a hymn, and later graciously accepted the family’s invitation to sing at the memorial service. Many people have been touched by Margaret’s kindness and her heroic dedication.”