Notice of Hearing & Bid Letting

posted on Friday, October 27, 2017 in Public Notices


A hearing will be conducted on the proposed plans and specifications, the proposed form of contract, and
estimate of cost for Spencer Hospital Avera Clinic, Spencer Family Care, Spencer, Iowa at a meeting of
the Hospital Board (the "Board") to be held at Spencer Hospital, 1200 First Avenue East, Spencer, Iowa
at 1:45 PM on the 21st of November, 2017, at which time and place any person may appear and file
objections to the proposed plans, specifications, and form of contract and estimated costs for the Project.
Sealed proposals will be accepted for a Combined Contract at the Spencer Hospital Board Room, 1200
First Avenue East, Spencer, Iowa. Proposals will be received on behalf of the Hospital by Mr. Joel
Wassom, Facilities Director, Spencer Hospital until 2:00 o'clock P.M. on the 21st day of November,
2017 and at such time and place will be opened and publicly read.

Proposals previously received will be acted upon at the Board Meeting, November 28, 2017 or at such
later time and place as may then be fixed.

Contract documents may be examined at the office of the Architect, CMBA Architects, 505 Grand Ave,
Spencer, IA 51301, or obtained from the Architect for a $100 refundable deposit. Contract documents
may also be examined at the following Building Exchanges:

Greater Ft. Dodge Growth Alliance, Attn: Plan Room, 25 N 9th St., Ste A, Ft. Dodge IA 50501
Master Builders of Iowa 221 Park Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50309 (electronic)
McGraw-Hill Construction Dodge, c/o Beeline & Blue, 2507 Ingersoll Ave, Des Moines, IA 50312
Minnesota Builders Exchange, 1123 Glenwood Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55405
North Iowa Builders Exchange, 15 West State Street, Box 1154, Mason City, IA 50401
Omaha Builders Exchange, 4255 S. 94th Street, Omaha NE 68127 (electronic)
Plains Builders Exchange, 220 N. Kiwanis Avenue, Sioux Falls SD 57104
Sioux City Construction League, 3900 Stadium Drive, Sioux City IA 51106
Sioux City Blueprint, 709 Douglas, Sioux City, IA 51101
Sioux Falls Builders Exchange, 1418 “C” Avenue, Sioux Falls SD 57104

Work under the proposed contract shall be commenced upon receipt of signed contract and shall be
completed in a timely manner. The General Contractor shall state the dates he anticipates to begin and
complete the contract on the bid form.

The Board reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, re-advertise for new bids and to waive
informalities that may be in the best interest of the Spencer Hospital.

Each proposal shall be accompanied by cash, a bid bond, certified check, cashier's check or certified
credit union share draft in a separate sealed envelope in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the total
amount of the base bid or base bids. The certified check or cashier's check or certified share draft shall
be drawn on a bank or credit union in Iowa or a bank or credit union chartered under the laws of the
United States of America and shall be made payable to the Hospital as security that if awarded a contract
by resolution of the Board, the bidder will enter into a contract at the prices bid and furnish the required
performance bond. The certified check, cashier's check, or certified share draft may be cashed, or the bid
bond forfeited, and the proceeds retained as penalty if the bidder fails to execute a contract or file
acceptable performance and payment bonds or provide an acceptable certificate of insurance within 10
days after the acceptance of such proposal by resolution of the Board.

By virtue of statutory authority, a preference will be given to products and provisions grown and locally
produced within the State of Iowa and to Iowa domestic labor.

No bidder may withdraw a bid for at least thirty (30) days after the scheduled closing time for receiving

The successful bidder will be notified on, or after, November 28, 2017 after the proposals have been
reviewed by the Architect and a recommendation as to the lowest responsible bidder has been made to
the Hospital and accepted by the Board.

The successful bidder of the Combined Contract will be required to furnish a bond in the amount equal to
100% of the contract price, said bond to be issued by a responsible surety approved by the Hospital and
shall guarantee the faithful performance of the contract and the terms and conditions therein contained.
Plans and specifications governing the construction of said proposed improvements have been prepared
by CMBA Architects, Spencer, Iowa which plans and specifications referring to and defining said
proposed improvements are hereby made a part of this notice and the proposed contract shall be
executed to comply therein.

Published upon order of the Spencer Hospital of Directors of the Spencer Hospital, Spencer, Iowa.