Avera Medical Group Spencer Announces Flu & COVID Booster Vaccination Clinic Dates

posted on Monday, September 26, 2022 in General

In anticipation of influenza season and the ongoing efforts to prevent serious illness from COVID-19, vaccinations are available locally for protection against both flu and COVID-19. People can opt to get a flu shot, a COVID-19 booster or both vaccinations through Avera Medical Group Spencer or their local pharmacy.

Avera Medical Group Spencer is offering special flu vaccination and/or COVID-19 booster clinic dates of September 29, Oct. 5 and Oct. 10 from 8 AM to 5 PM each date. At which time, patients can schedule either a flu shot or a COVID-19 booster or opt to receive both vaccinations. The current COVID-19 booster uses the new bivalent formula, meaning the vaccine is formulated specifically for protection against the original COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variant. To schedule an appointment, call the clinic at (712) 264-3500.

Clay County Public Health continues to offer a weekly COVID-19 vaccination clinic each Thursday. To schedule an appointment, use the convenient online scheduling tool at SpencerHospital.org or call (712) 264-6380.

Locally, both the Pfizer and Moderna bivalent COVID-19 vaccine is available for booster shots. Here are important points to know:

  • These initial bivalent COVID-19 booster doses include:
    • Pfizer for individuals 12 year of age and older
    • Moderna for individuals 18 years of age and older
    • The bivalent booster is highly recommended if you are over age 65, have an underlying medical condition, or have a weakened immune system as you are at higher risk for severe illness due to COVID-19.
  • The vaccine is authorized only as a single dose booster in people who have completed a primary vaccine series.
  • This single booster dose may be administered at least 2 months after either:
    • completion of the primary COVID-19 vaccination series, or
    • receipt of the most recent COVID-19 booster dose.
  • Any COVID-19 vaccination may be co-administered with seasonal Influenza.
  • COVID infections may still occur even after a booster, yet boosters decrease risk of severe disease and hospitalizations.
  • Side effects will likely be similar to those of the original vaccines.
  • If you’ve recently had COVID-19, you may consider delaying the booster by three months due to short-term immunity from your infection.
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