Babies Born at Spencer Hospital in 2023 Match with Names from A-Z

posted on Monday, January 8, 2024 in General

Featured Baby Photo - Zion Ross Sias, born on April 12, 2023 to Esteban and Jayden Sias, Spencer Hospital Birth Center Nurse. Zion is welcomed by his parents and two older brothers Ezequiel and Gabriel.

Babies born at Spencer Hospital throughout 2023 covered the alphabet from A to Z with baby girl names ranging from Adalynn to Zyanya and baby boys named Aengus to Zion.

For baby girls, names beginning with the letter “A” were most popular with 20 little girls receiving names starting with A, including Amelia, Alice and Anastasia, among others. For baby boys, the letter “C” was the most popular starting letter with 11 little boys getting “C” names, including Crew, Caspian and Clay.

The most any name was used was three times, such as three baby boys named Walker and three little girls receiving the name of Lainey.  Several names were given at least twice to 2023 babies, including Archer, Grayson and Mateo for boys, and Hazel, Lily, Miley and Sophie for girls.

“We love being part of each family’s birth experience at Spencer Hospital,” remarked Ann Polaschek, birth center director. “It’s fun learning what names parents have chosen for each child. Each baby is special and often we see their personalities emerging from day one.”

Polaschek emphasized the importance of having a medical team who can provide personalized, professional care. “We're so fortunate to have an experienced group of family practice physicians at Avera Medical Group Spencer who specialize in obstetrics,” she said. “They provide excellent women's health services before conception, then guidance through pregnancy and delivery, and pediatric care once baby is born.”

She added, “In addition to our great physicians, we also have a team of registered obstetrical nurses that are here to provide outstanding clinical expertise along with facilitating your once-in-a-lifetime birth experience. We offer childbirth education classes before baby is born and provide support once baby arrives through lactation consultation services. Our birth center was carefully designed to provide families with an exceptional labor and delivery experience, with amenities of a luxury hotel suite along with access to all the medical supplies and equipment that may be needed. We invite anyone who is either planning a pregnancy or already expecting a baby to contact us to learn more about our services or arrange a visit."

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