Clay County Public Health Seeks Input from County Residents

posted on Thursday, July 13, 2023 in General

Update 8/11/23 - We have extended the survey completion deadline to Friday, August 18th.

What is your biggest health challenge? Is it managing your diabetes? Finding transportation to your medical appointments? Affording Insurance? Or other issues? Clay County Public Health officials want to know and they’re asking residents of Clay County to complete a Health Assessment Survey to provide citizen input.

The Clay County Public Health team is conducting its routine Health Assessment Survey, which is completed every five years. The online survey will be conducted July 13 through August 11, and for those who prefer a paper survey rather than an online version, copies will be available as well as a Spanish version.

“Our short survey will ask a variety of questions that address topics such as personal and family health, dental care, mental health, social drivers of health,” explained Colette Rossiter, Clay County Public Health Coordinator.  “We want to learn more about strengths in Clay County, as well as gaps and barriers to good health and wellbeing. The process is not only important locally, but statewide, as well.”

Rossiter explained that after the survey period ends, the information will be compiled and combined with other data to help determine priorities and goals for public health professionals locally.  

“In addition to the survey results, we collect other valuable information through stakeholder meetings, focus groups and reliable local and statewide data sources.  We plan to analyze the survey results along with these other data sources to prioritize needs and develop a doable health improvement plan for Clay County.  Previously, we developed strategies to improve obesity rates, mental health care access, and cancer prevention screenings.  We measure progress each year and share this with our community,” Rossiter stated.

The survey can be accessed online at Paper copies of the survey will be available at Spencer Hospital’s reception area or can be mailed to individuals by calling the public health office at (712) 264-6380 to request a copy. A Spanish translated version of the survey will be available next week, both online and by calling the public health offices.

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