From Abigail to Zander, 200-plus Babies Born at Spencer Hospital in 2021

posted on Thursday, January 6, 2022 in General

Just over 200 babies were born at Spencer Hospital in 2021, with girls out-numbering boys by nine babies. Names for these new area residents range from A to Z, starting with Abigail, Adalyn and Adriel and concluding the alphabet with Wrenley, Wylie and Zander.

"It's always fun to learn the names parents select for their babies, which often come with a story of why the name was picked or it's simply because the family likes the name," commented Jeannette Hasley, Spencer Hospital Birth Center Director. In 2021, the baby names at Spencer Hospital reflect a mix of traditional and unique, with very few duplicate names.

Most names given to both girls and boys were uniquely theirs. The most any name was duplicated in the year was three times, with three girls named Callie, three baby girls named Kinsley, three little boys called Huxley and three boys who received James for their first name. Also, two girls and one baby boy were named Berkley.

A few other names went to more than one infant, such as Amara, Briar, Chloe, Paisley, Rylee and Willow for girls, and Austin, Colton, Crew (and Krew), Gavin, Griffin/Griffen, and Leo for boys.

However, in Spencer Hospital's nursery, it was more common to see babies with one-of-a-kind names. A few of the unique names for girls were Alita, Brinley, Emerald, Genesis, Nyx and Winry, and the boys were Azariah, Briggs, Halo, Nikolai, Odin and Phineas. Several names that were favored years ago that are making a comeback for baby names include Charlotte, Clara, Cora, Evelyn, Hazel and Ruth for girls, with Alan, Elijah, Henry, Theodore and Thomas for boys.

“Our expectant parents have such an amazing team of healthcare professionals to provide care, support and education throughout pregnancy, delivery and post-partum,” Hasley said. “From the experienced physicians at Avera Medical Group Spencer to the excellent care the registered nurses provide…we are eager and prepared to help new families welcome another member to their families.”

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