Messerole Honored as IEMSA Educator of the Year

posted on Monday, March 11, 2019 in General

Recently the Iowa Emergency Medical Services Association (IEMSA) recognized Jeffrey Messerole as IEMSA Instructor of the Year. Jeff was nominated for the honor by Clay County Emergency Services Director Tammy McKeever, who commented: “Jeff has dedicated his life to teaching and instructing not only locally, but internationally. He cares for his students and outcomes of their training. The Clay County EMS Association feels blessed to have such as asset locally.”

Messerole has been involved in emergency medical services for 37 years, starting as combat medic in the United States Army and later an EMT, then Advanced EMT, and currently as a paramedic for the past 33 years. He began teaching CPR in 1982 and found he really enjoyed it, so he continued to teach while actively working in the emergency medicine field. When he joined Spencer Hospital in 2007, he transitioned to being a full-time instructor.

“I really enjoy teaching complex hands-on skills, such as resuscitation of adults and children,” Messerole said.  “It’s rewarding when I am lecturing or doing hands-on skills and the light bulb comes on, and I can see the student just got and understood what was in front of them.  Seeing their confidence increase and then when they achieve certification, I like knowing I had a part in that, and that they have learned skills which they can use to help others.”

He added: “Medical education is constantly changing and we in medicine are lifelong learners.  We should never stop learning.  I learn new things most every day in my work here at Spencer Hospital and I can’t wait to share them with staff.  I am only able to do that because of the support I get from leadership, the HRD department to include Danelle, Lisa, and April. Without their help I would not be nearly as effective as I am.  I believe I have been given a tremendous opportunity to assist others in achieving the best outcomes for the patients here at Spencer Hospital and I am honored for that opportunity.”