New Outpatient Physical Therapy Services Offers Affordable Option

posted on Monday, April 8, 2019 in General

In a continuing effort to make healthcare services more convenient and affordable, Spencer Hospital has opened Rehab @ the Clinic, a free-standing outpatient rehabilitation therapy clinic located on second floor of the Spencer Medical Arts Building.

“It’s the same great care from the same great Spencer Hospital physical therapists, just at an alternative location, which for some people, based on insurance coverage, is a more cost-effective option,” explained Jordan Reed, director of Rehabilitative Services. 

Depending on a person’s insurance coverage, therapy services in a clinic setting can be provided based on their plan’s primary care copayment rather than being fully applied towards a patient’s deductible. A co-payment is typically less expensive than a payment towards an annual deductible.

“With the opening of Rehab @The Clinic, we now offer four options in the area for outpatient physical therapy care,” Reed said. “We offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment at Spencer Hospital, and outpatient physical therapy at Milford Family Care, Sioux Rapids Family Care and Rehab @ the Clinic in Spencer.”

Reed added: “When we receive a referral or a call regarding a person’s need for physical therapy, we will assess which location makes most sense for that person based on their health needs, accessibility factors and insurance coverage,” Reed explained.