Spencer Hospital Celebrates Hospital Week 2020

posted on Friday, May 15, 2020 in General

While Hospital Week 2020 is far from “business as usual” in healthcare, at Spencer Hospital during the COVID-19 pandemic, many services have continued at full volume, yet with extra safety precautions in place for the wellbeing of patients.

“Patient care and safety are always our first priority,” commented Bill Bumgarner, Spencer Hospital president. “As such, the hospital’s Abben Cancer Center, Spencer and Spirit Lake Warner Dialysis Centers, inpatient behavioral health center, emergency department, birth center and numerous other essential health services have continued to fully provide needed care.”

Just this week, Spencer Hospital took measured steps to reopen elective procedures.

“The Spencer medical community looks forward to increase service access in a responsible way,” Bumgarner said. “Since the outset of the pandemic, the hospital has continued to provide essential healthcare services. As some elective procedures are resumed, an emphasis will continue to keep precautions in place to protect patients. This includes continuing to limit the number of people who enter our healthcare facilities and using additional protective measures as recommended by disease control experts.”

Bumgarner added: “We appreciate all area businesses and citizens are doing to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in our region. Many thanks to those who are protecting others by wearing masks when in public, reaching out to family and friends in a safe manner, staying home when ill, and, as always, carefully washing your hands. By joining together to limit the spread of the coronavirus, our regional medical community will be able to most effectively ensure optimal care to patients who most need it.”