Spencer Hospital Welcomes Nearly 300 Babies in 2018

posted on Monday, January 7, 2019 in General

“Gender equality” took on a new meaning at Spencer Hospital’s Birth Center in 2018 as exactly the same number of baby boys and baby girls – 137 of each - were born at the facility for a total of 274 babies.

“It’s been a wonderful year in our birth center as our team loves the opportunity to help families welcome their little ones into the world and we enjoy educating and pampering new moms,” commented Jeannette Hasley, Spencer Hospital Birth Center Director.

 “Also, it’s always fun to learn the names parents select for their babies,” Hasley added. “Sometimes it’s a family name, or there’s a story behind the meaning of the baby’s name, and other times it’s simply because the parents like it.” In 2018, the baby names at Spencer Hospital reflect a mix of traditional and unique, with very few duplicate names.

On the boys’ side names range from Alexzander to William while girls’ names spanned the alphabet from Aaliyah to Ziva. The more popular names for boys were Beau, Carson, Lincoln, Lucas and Oliver. For the girls, there were four babies named Emma and also four named Avery, yet with three different spellings of the name – Avery, Averie and Averi. Also similar were Adaley, Adalyne, Adalynn and Adeline.

However, in Spencer Hospital’s nursery many babies received a one-of-a-kind name. Among the more original names for girls were Knoxlee, Oasklei, Salvation and Araceli. For the boys the less traditional names included Briar, Chancellor, Efrain, Fenyx, Jaysik, and Locksley.

“Each baby has his or her own special personality and it’s always fun to learn the name the parents have picked for their child,” Hasley said. “We’re already off to a great start of welcoming new babies in 2019. We’re so fortunate to have such an experienced group of family practice physicians at Avera Medical Group Spencer who specialize in obstetrics. They provide excellent women’s health services even prior to conception, then guidance through pregnancy and delivery, and pediatric care once baby is born.  In addition to our great physicians we also have a team of registered obstetrical nurses that are here to provide outstanding clinical expertise along with facilitating your once in a life time birth experience!”