Virtual Walkers Reach Valentine!

posted on Wednesday, February 14, 2024 in General

Heart-healthy walkers who participated in Spencer Hospital’s virtual walk from Spencer to Valentine blew by the goal to hike to Valentine, Nebraska, instead collectively logging enough miles to reach communities also named Valentine located in Montana, Texas and even Arizona!

“Wow! More than 80 walkers tracked and logged their miles for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, cumulatively walking more than 1,400 miles. Love seeing so many participate and even better, really enjoyed seeing them share a bit about their motivation and goals. Everyone has a story, whether they’ve been walking for health for a long time, or just getting started,” said Susan Zulk, VP of Marketing & Fund Development for Spencer Hospital.

Here are just a few of the comments walkers shared:

  • “After being told by a friend I was too old, I took up distance running at age 40. I celebrated turning 70 by running the Winter Games 5K this year. If you don’t use it, you lose it!”
  • “I run/walk regularly. But, this week I’m vacationing in Hawaii and hiked almost daily.” Yes, she did – those daily hikes totaled over 50 miles for the week!
  • “I’m restarting. My motivation is to lower my stroke risk since my mom passed away two months ago after a stroke.”
  • “It’s no secret that I am on my feet a lot during shifts. I also routinely walk/run every day as part of my exercise routine.”
  • “I’m getting back into my workout routine after having a baby last year.”
  • “I make exercise a priority and walk every day. Exercise for me is the key to staying healthy.”
  • “Restarting a walking routine. Vacation is coming!”
  • “I listen to audiobooks that keep my interest and I really forget how much I’m walking!”
  • “I’ve walked for over a year – rain, wind or shine! I walk so I can continue to eat sweet treats!”

Need extra motivation? Several walkers mentioned they routinely walk their dogs, providing a routine reason to get out of the house for a stroll.

With over 1,400 miles logged, the hospital’s virtual walk easily made it to Valentine, NE (331 miles from Spencer), or to Valentine, MT (855 miles away); Valentine, TX (1,208 miles southwest), and even to Valentine, AZ, which is 1,382 miles from Spencer and, according to Google Maps, a 497 hour hike.

Renee Hoffman Winner

Names of all the participants were entered into a drawing for a colorful basket filled with valentine goodies. Winner of the basket was Renee Hoffman of Spencer.

“Thanks so much for everyone who joined us on our walk to Valentine! A brisk walking routine is a great step towards improving your cardiovascular health,” Zulk said. “And, we encourage you to keep walking. After all, it may be fun to see how many of the United States’ 35 towns named Liberty you can reach before the Fourth of July!”