Dr. David Keith, DO

Dr. David Keith, DO

Dr. David Keith is a provider at Avera Medical Group Spencer. Dr. Keith specializes in family medicine as well as pregnancy and childbirth. He serves as medical director for Clay County Public Health and as co-medical director for Hospice of Spencer Hospital. A graduate from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine, Erie, PA, Medical School, Dr. Keith completed his residency at Washington Hospital, Washington, PA, Family Medicine. Dr. Keith also serves as medical director for Clay County Public Health.

Blog/Article posts by this Author:

  • Focusing on Men's Health

    June is Men's Health Month, a great time to remind our loved ones of the importance of taking care of their health. Dr. Keith shares in his latest blog several reminders and wellness tips for men to aid in good health.

  • Botox May Provide Relief for Chronic Headaches

    Is your head pounding... Again? If you suffer from chronic headaches, you may be a candidate for Botox injections to help prevent headaches before they start. As a family medicine physician, I have sought additional training to become certified in providing relief from chronic headaches using Botox, as has physician assistant Jason Zinnel.

  • Celebrate Dads & Men's Health During the Month of June

    My dear Friends and Fathers! Father's Day is rapidly approaching (note to my wife and kids so I can schedule that nap!), and some families are in a quandary about how to treat Dad for the occasion. Is it a new shirt, a wild tie, or sleeve of golf balls? For me, it's a smoking hot pellet grill on my list! All those things are nice, yet there is no gift as precious as good health.

  • Do Your Part: COVID-19 Case Numbers on the Rise Locally

    Stay the course, everyone – COVID-19 isn't over, in fact it's our time to be a hotspot. Our numbers in our county and some neighboring counties are doubling within a week now.

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