Jeannette Hasley

Jeannette Hasley

Jeannette L. Hasley is our Director of Obstetrics, Women's Health & Diabetes Education. Jeannette earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa. She started her nursing career in Denver, Colorado where she quickly learned that she had a deep passion that would be fueled by caring for women during labor and delivery. This passion continued when she moved back home to Iowa to raise her own family. Jeannette remains a passionate educator for women during pregnancy and beyond, and is also eager to help all people learn how to optimize their health, through women's health programming and diabetes education. 

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  • Then and Now…Meaningful Monitoring of Diabetes

    If you were to travel back 3,000 years in time, you'd find that the ancient Egyptians mentioned a condition that we know was likely diabetes. They had a unique way of monitoring blood sugars then. Fortunately, we've come along way in diagnosing and treating the disease. Learn more about how you can better monitor your blood sugar levels.

  • Baby Safety Reminders for Summertime Fun

    Summertime is upon us and you want to venture outside and soak up the sun's warmth as much as you can. You know it's important to use sunscreen for you, but you wonder if it's okay to also use it on your one-month old baby?

  • Newborn Heart Screenings: Checking the Health of the Littlest Sweethearts

    While your newborn is busy melting hearts, our health care team is focused on the health of your baby's heart. At Spencer Hospital's Birth Center, we strive to provide families with a safe and memorable birth experience while simultaneously providing them with all of the latest standards of care for both mom and baby.

  • Breastfeeding Basics: Nurturing and Nourishing Baby

    At Spencer Hospital's Birth Center our job isn't done after we help you bring new life into the world through the delivery process, we're also here to provide support for you to provide baby a great start! One of the ways our team of professionals assist parents is by aiding in breastfeeding education and support.

  • Expectant Moms Encouraged to Count the Kicks

    You just experienced what it was like to take a home pregnancy test and see that it was positive. You shared the excitement with your friends and family and now your pregnancy is “real.” You begin planning and dreaming. You wonder if it will be a boy or a girl, will she have lots of hair or no hair? Will he have his daddy's dimples? Will she sleep through the night?

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