Laura Armstrong

Laura Armstrong is a Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner here at the Spencer Hospital. A Hospitalist Nurse Practitioner provides direct medical care to patients requiring hospitalization. They assess health statuses, diagnoses any potential issues, and work with physicians and other health professionals to provide high-quality care.  Laura received her Master’s degree in Adult-Geriatric Acute Care at Allen College in Waterloo, IA in 2017.  Prior to receiving her Nurse Practitioner degree, she was a Registered Nurse in the emergency department here for 15 years. 

Blog/Article posts by this Author:

  • Post-Operative Delirium- What it is, Who it Affects, and How it May be Prevented

    “Grandma had surgery, everything seemed to be going well, then she became confused and had a difficult time managing even the simplest tasks or answering simple questions. We were scared something was seriously wrong. She ended up having to stay in the hospital a little longer, but eventually she was back to her normal self.” Have you ever experienced something similar?

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